The geography location of Puerto Guadal allows us to access in short time to the valleys and mountains of the Patagonia, since it is located in the heart of this. Thanks to this we can realize many excursions for two o more days toward to the glaciers more pristine, which are mostly located at the beginning of the ice fields, and in the mountains more emblematic of the Chilean Patagonia. In Kalem provide a spectacular experience for our clients with all necessary measures for enjoy of the nature in safe way, funny and environmentally conscious. Stand out the culture and local sustainability using products and services of the zone.

Our excursions are:

  • Leones Glacier - Ice Trek - Duration: 2 days
  • Calluqueo Glacier- Duration: 3 days
  • North ice field- Duration: 4 days
  • Monte San Lorenzo- Duration: 4-6 days

Calluqueo Glacier

  Mountain crossing 2-3 days

Trekking in Calluqueo Glacier, come to live a incredible adventure in one of emblematic glacier of Chilean patagonia.

Monte San Lorenzo

                                                                               Trekking 4-6 days

North ice field

Trekking 4-5 days

Kalem patagonia invites you to live a unique experience in one of  the biggest tempered glacier to the world, north ice field have 4.000 km2 aprox to frozen area  all located  in region of Aysen. Come to live challange with us. 

Leones Glacier- Ice Trek

Duration 2 days

An incredible journey to one of the most beautiful glaciers in the Aysen region and the access to the northern ice field, placed on the Laguna San Rafael National Park. Leones glacier is one of the most pristine because of their difficult access, wich is perfect for the contact with the nature. Kalem Tourism Patagonia invites you to live a singular experience where you can walk and perform activities on this giant mass of ice located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia


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