Southern Ice Field

Southern Ice Filed is the third bigest extension of ice in the world, with 217 miles north to south and 49 glaciers, also considerated one of the most pristine places in the world. We have spent years going through different edges, this allow us to move around safely, because we know their mountains, passes and because of that we manage various crossings. The north and east ridge and the fjords on the west side.


Duration 12 days

We begin our trip to Villa O'Higgins where we will navigate the lake of the same name, with the possibility of seeing the O'Higgins glacier, one of the four largest glaciers in Patagonia. We will prepare to undertake the trekking from Candelario Mansilla to a Small snowdrift. We will travel through the Small snowdrift to the Pantoja River (in this part of the road there is the option of having horse support for 2 days). We will cross the southern ice field through the small glacier until we reach the Eduardo García Soto refuge. We will have contingency days to climb the white cap hill or the circus of the altars hill. The descent is through the Marconi pass to the Electric River arriving in the afternoon to El Chaltén in Argentina. (There is the option to vary the number of days and the entry route).


Duration 20 days

We begin our trip from Balmaceda to Villa O'Higgins, In the villa, we will have time to enjoy the place while we prepare to cross the lake, we will pass through the O'Higgins glacier and ascent along its edge through one of the arms that nourish it from the south. We get ready to reach the nunatak shelter of the O'Higgins, where we will have time to rest and be able to organize ourselves while waiting for the window of good weather that will allow us to enter the ice field to the nunatak chile, which is located at the base of the Lautaro volcano. From there we will try to ascent along the normal route of the southeast side by making an advanced camp under the south shoulder (near 3,000 meters above sea level). For the return there are two options, in case we have used up the number of days available the return would be along the same route, otherwise, we can do a crossing in the pyramid mountains to leave through the small glacier to the Pantoja river where we will take the path to get to Candelario Mansilla sailing back through the lake towards Villa O'Higgins.

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