Kalem patagonia invites you to know our hiking adventures (full day) to the differents natural atractives to located near to Puerto Guadal. Like our classic tour Full day Leones Glacier, in which you can visit one of glacier more pristin of patagonia wich corresponds to entry of North Ice Field.  We do others tour to walk in mountains, valleys with panoramic views that also have a important history and culture represent the patrimony natural geologic of the Aysen region. 


  • Leones Glacier- Full Day
  • Marine Fossils
  • Route "The three pearls

Leones Glacier

Full Day 

Leones Glacier is part of the big San Rafael Lake National Park, declared Worldwide Biosphere Reserve for the UNESCO. Inside of Leones Valley three glacier hang at North Ice Field the mountains rise around 2.000 meters of altitude to conform the spectacular Leones Glacier. Kalem Tourism Patagonia invites you to live a singular experience where you can visit this giant mass of ice located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia.

Marine Fossils

This zone present many fossils of invertebrates, has been asigned to Oligoceno Superior-Mioceno Inferior and represent deposit of marine waters, that allowed the proliferation of big number of species. But its not all, becouse this area  have a profound history of Puerto Guadal, been this zone to veranadas of antique colonos, now we can discover between of geologic formations the naturals process where is posible see fossils of sea bottom 


The 3 Perlas Tour

This route invites you to know the wonderfull of Puerto Guadal  and the beutifull postcard that gives us Chelenko lake (original name tehuelche), best known for General Carrera Lake, when we can travel and learn of the culture and history.

Trekking Lindero Magallanes


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